Sunyata Meditation Switzerland is an affiliate of the Sunyata Meditation Center in Perris/Riverside, California (USA) founded by Thich Thông Triệt, a vietnamese buddhist master. He settled in USA in 1992 and had given his teaching on Sunyata meditation since 1995 .

The goal of our association

The goal of our association is to promote the practice of meditation and Qi Gong as taught by master Thích Thông Triệt among people in Switzerland.

Biography of Master Thích Thông Triệt (1929 - 2019)

Thich Thong TrietMaster Thích Thông Triệt is a disciple of Thích Thanh Từ, a very famous buddhist master in Viêt Nam.
After spending 14 years of « unplanned retirement » in the re-education camps in North and South Vietnam from 1975 to 1989, he established himself in USA in 1992. Since 1995, he has trained many disciples and created many centers to offer his teachings:
- Canada : ONTARIO
- Germany : STUTTGART
- France : PARIS
- Switzerland : LAUSANNE

He is also the author of several books::
- The path to enlightenment of Buddha
- The effects of meditation on human life
- The schemes and art of meditation
- Zen's Questions and Answers
- Meditation in the Light of Science


For years, master Thích Thông Triệt has been investigating the scientific aspect of meditation, trying to understand what happens in the human brain during meditation. He has cooperated with Dr. Michael Erb from the Section of Experimental MR of the CNS, Department of Neuroradiology, University Hospital, University of Tübingen, Germany, and Dr. Ranganatha Sitaram from the Institute of Medical Psychology and Behavioral Neurobiology, University of Tübingen, Germany [1].

His teachings have always been practical, clear, simple, and easily accessible for everyone, requiring no religious background nor knowledge in meditation. His assistant, Sư Cô Triệt Như is moreover an excellent pedagogue, always helpful and very communicative.

The methods of meditation that he promotes (relaxe the tongue, listen the sound of a bell, look at the sunlight, gaze the darkness, breath 1:2 rhythm ...) allow us to become mindful, even for a while, to reach a state of plenitude. The regular practice of these exercises can help to reduce the stress in our everyday life, and consequently to facilitate our relations with others (spouse, children, parents, friends, colleagues...) [2]. Also, the benefits of QiGong for our physical wellness are now undisputed [3].

For those who wish to explore sunyata meditation in more depth, master Thich Thông Triệt can provide advanced courses on theory and practice, and meditation retreats, usually for one week.


The combination of Sunyata meditation and QiGong, as taught by master Thích Thông Triệt is the answer to our quest of well-being for the body and the mind, without using any external means. This quest can be guided by the master himself, for those who wish to explore the path to spirituality in more depth.


[1] Ranganatha Sitaram, Michael Erb, Adrian Furdea, Quang Chiêu Nguyên van Hung & Master Thích Thông Triệt, University of Tuebingen, Germany, Neuroelectric and hemodynamic correlates of Sunyata meditation : a combined EEG and fMRI study. HBM 2010, 16th Annual Meeeting of the Organization for Human Brain Mapping, Barcelona, Spain, June 6 –10, 2010.

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