Tuesdays with Morrie, by Mitch Albom


One may wonder why such book and is there a place for such a story on the website of an association Sunyata Meditation?

Yes, the answer is absolutely and entirely positive.

From the first pages of reading, we cannot help but think about the sutta “Anandabhaddekaratta sutta” [bhadda (= lucky) eka (= a) ratta (= be infatuated with lust)]. It literally means in Pali: Ananda sutta of the good fortune to be infatuated with lust. This sutta is one of three suttas taught in the basic course of Sunyata Meditation by Master Thích Thông Triệt. I remember the nun Su Cô Triệt Như, his assistant, telling us: Reread this sutta quietly when you go home, it is very rewarding.

“Tuesdays with Morrie" recounts the final conversations between a retired sociologist professor, Morrie Schwartz, dying from a terminal illness and his former student, journalist Mitch Albom. The illness serves as the thread of life lessons given by the old teacher to his pupil every Tuesdays until his last breath. He gives crucial lessons about family, death, and forgiveness...

It's an easy book to read, full of wisdom and highly recommended.

Wishing you a good read and that you can benefit from this wisdom at any point in life.