meditationVérène's letter


This is a quick note to express my gratitude and to thank you for your teachings.

In 2005, I discovered Zen meditation. I have taken courses with a meditation teacher of Christian tradition. This completely reconciled me with meditation - Why? I had prejudices about meditation, I thought that meditation and my spiritual beliefs couldn’t fit together, were they incompatible?

Why meditate?

To find who I am, to be at peace with myself and completely accept who I am. Meditate every day, so that it becomes a habit, a necessity, a vital need. That's not always easy in a today's world, where we are bombarded with images, encouraging us to consume. Sometimes I tell myself there I made a big step forward, and sometimes I tell myself that I stalled, treading water.

But who is speaking? - Ah, the ego, always him, how to silence him? All these chatters are just trying to distract me. If I want to be honest with myself, I know that I change every moment, I know the law of impermanence.

The purpose of meditation.

It is to find your true nature, your own essence, your true self. After several years of practice, not always regularly, I'm certainly making progress. I understand that meditation is to sit, to just be there. But we can also find that meditative state of mind in daily life by being attentive. It's not always easy to put all that theory in practice, but I know it is possible. It simply takes will and give our best.

In 2011, I discovered the Sunyata meditation. I attended a retreat in Vaumarcus and I learned a lot about Buddhism and its different meditation methods. I enjoyed it very much and continued on that path, participating in other retreats. I think that meditation is an opportunity offered to those seeking more wisdom and balance in their lives - Openness to all possibilities.

I would like to particularly thank the venerable bikkhuni Triet Nhu for her kindness and the quality of her teachings. I also thank Mai Huong and her husband Mr. Duc, who have set up this entire organization in Switzerland. I also thank all the meditators from the Sunyata association that I have met; it's always a great joy to be in their company, a pleasure, a gift in my life. Thank you all.

Vérne Gaschen